Hundreds of students, faculty members at L.A. universities to be quarantined amid measles outbreak in U.S.

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LOS ANGELES, April 25 (Xinhua) -- Hundreds of students and faculty members exposed to measles at two Los Angeles universities are going to be quarantined amid nationwide measles outbreak in the United States, said health officials on Thursday.

Los Angeles County Department of Public Health said that it's working closely with health officials at University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) and California State University Los Angeles (Cal State LA) to institute a series of actions to limit the spread of measles based on its assessment of the previously identified measles cases.

The Department of Public Health decided to quarantine 119 students and eight faculty members until their immunity could be determined, said the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), a well-known public research university.

The western U.S. state of California is one of the U.S. states reporting measles cases. The United States is seeing the largest measles outbreak nationwide since 100. A total of 38 cases of measles have been confirmed to date in California, said health officials on Thursday, urging Californians to make sure they are protected against the outbreaks of the highly contagious and serious virus.

The exposure also happened at a library at Cal State LA, another public university in Los Angeles, reported City New Service, a local news outlet, adding that county health officials are working to issue quarantine orders to any of the 100 staffers who cannot establish that they have immunity from the illness.